IntroMaps and St. John's Alumni: Making Connections between Johnnies

St. John’s College and the St. John’s College Alumni Association are pleased to announce IntroMaps, a new alumni networking tool that will help you more easily connect with alumni in your area and around the globe. Thousands of your fellow Johnnies have already completed the registration process and it’s proving to be a great way to connect. 

Whether you move to a new town or travel for business, IntroMaps will make it simple and convenient for you to connect with Johnnies wherever you are using your computer or smartphone. The application has the look and feel of Google Maps, coupled with the networking capabilities of LinkedIn. You can also use IntroMaps to search for and network with alumni who share common career interests or general life interests.

In addition to the visual directory map, IntroMaps has a posting function that allows alumni to post class notes, job opportunities, mentoring questions, and events. (Is your company or firm hiring? Are you looking for help transitioning from one career to another? Are you thinking of applying to grad school? Are you hosting a seminar in your area? Is your band playing at a local pub? Are you an artist being showcased at an art gallery?) These are all things that can be posted in IntroMaps. Alumni Chapter events are also posted in IntroMaps, so you’ll easily be able to find Johnnie events in your area.

IntroMaps is a secure and private visual SJC directory available only to alumni, faculty, and staff. You’ll log in to this system with the email address on file in the college database. No one outside of the college community will have access to the SJC IntroMaps app, and your data will not be used for commercial purposes.

You can choose at any time not to participate by sending an email to or opting out within the IntroMaps system. IntroMaps is completely optional, but we and your fellow alumni would sure miss you if you chose to opt out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why IntroMaps?
IntroMaps addresses many of the concerns brought to us by the alumni community. Alumni have created ways to connect but--until now--there hasn’t been one platform that includes everyone, is easy to access, and is user friendly. The existing online directories are not able to meet fully the needs voiced by many of our alumni. Further, many recent graduates have expressed frustration at the difficulty of finding and/or connecting with other Johnnies when they travel or relocate to a new city. IntroMaps gives us the right balance of privacy and community.

You can see who is located in your area simply by zooming into the location on the map or by drawing a box around a specific area on the map, with the option to filter alumni by campus, class year, program (undergraduate/GI), or profession. This is a global map directory so you can move the map view to any part of the world to see if there are alumni in that location. In addition, the posting function is a wonderful platform for alumni to share information and to learn about job opportunities, Johnnie events, and college news.

Is my address disclosed in IntroMaps?
IntroMaps does not disclose any address. The system maps you by your work location to within street level, but the actual address of your work location is not disclosed anywhere in the system. If the application is being viewed by home location, alumni are mapped only by city and state. (All alumni located in that city will be mapped in the city’s geographical center). The college will not send any mail to your work address unless you have noted it as your preferred mailing address with the college. Your work address is only being used to map you. If you prefer to provide just the city and state location for your work address, you will appear on the work location map in the city’s geographical center.

How do I log into IntroMaps?
The email address you have on file in the college’s alumni database will be your login name for IntroMaps. You will receive an IntroMaps email invite to this email address in mid-April 2015 when we launch the tool. You’ll simply click the link in the email, create a password, and then you will have access to the site. Whenever you return to, or open the mobile app, you will enter your username (which is your email address) and password to login. It’s that simple. If for any reason you encounter technical problems or have a question such as how to edit your profile or manage your settings, there is a tech support link on the IntroMaps registration page and their support team will respond to you within 24 hours.

How do I control privacy settings?
You have complete control of your profile in IntroMaps and can choose which settings you want made public and which ones you want private. If you do not want your profile details, including contact information, to be made available to other members of the SJC community, you can change that setting to be private. Below you will find a screen shot showing the exact format of how an individual profile will appear in IntroMaps. Your email address is the only contact information that shows initially. You can choose to make more information public or private. Just remember, if you set your email address to private, other alumni will not be able to contact you for networking or any other purpose.

How do I find alumni?
When viewing the map at a macro level, you will see heat circles indicating areas of high alumni concentration. The more you zoom into the map, the more concentrated the heat circles will become until they become individual icons indicating an alum profile. Alumni will be mapped by their work location to within street level but not down to the exact location. Work location is the default map view in IntroMaps. Although a home location view is also available, only city and state will be used to map alumni. In other words, if you live in Los Angeles, CA, you will be mapped in the geographical center of Los Angeles with all other alumni with a Los Angeles address.

Do I have to participate in IntroMaps?
As part of a larger strategy aimed at addressing the concerns of alumni regarding networking and the transition out of SJC, the college has made a deliberate decision to make this an opt-out system in order to provide the greatest benefit to the alumni community. You can choose not to participate by sending an email to, indicating that you do not want to be included in the directory. 

How do I update my information?
St. John’s College will automatically populate your IntroMaps profile with the following default information from the college’s alumni database: name, class year, campus, program, profession, and email address. Your location is used only to locate you on the map but will not appear in your profile.

Remember, IntroMaps does not disclose your full address, only the city and state for home location and only the street for work address. Your work address is important as this is the default map view and, without it, you will not be visible to other alumni on the work location map. You will be visible on the home location map but the default map view is work location. The reason for this is to help facilitate easier professional networking while being mindful of alumni privacy.

If you would like to update any outdated profile information, or provide a business address, you can do so directly in IntroMaps under the My Info section, or by sending an email to or by updating your information online at

Sample Contact Details in IntroMaps

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