Alumni Association Volunteer Opportunities: Admissions Efforts

  • Adopt A School. We are always looking for alums to adopt a high school in their area. Work through us to build relationships with college counselors and teachers at local high schools.
  • Represent St. John’s at a College Fair.  Become a St. John’s College alumni representative! The admissions office always wants to reach more students. Representing St. John’s College at a local school fair is a great way to help us with recruitment. Time commitments are often small but the impact can be huge. We need alumni to cover fairs for us in cities and towns all over the US!  
  • Submit a Bio Bit Bio Bits are mini-biographies that provide information about the impact the SJC education has had on your life. These bio bits are a great resource for the Admissions Office as they encounter questions from prospective students and their families, who wonder what they can do with a degree from St. John’s College. The countless possibilities are most compelling when alumni tell their stories. The Alumni Relations Offices and the Admissions Offices invite alumni to submit a bio bit.  Help us show prospective students and families the variety of career and life possibilities that are possible with an SJC education. The theme for the bio bits is “My Education, My Life.” We ask you to describe not just how SJC helped you in terms of your career path, but also how SJC influenced various aspects of your life.
  • One Alum, One Referral. Submit the name of a student who you think would be interested in learning more about the unique education offered at SJC. An admissions counselor will reach out to these students and provide additional information about SJC.  You can also simply request that admissions materials be sent directly to you, so that you can share the materials with the future Johnnie directly.
  • Share Alumni Outcomes. Help prospective students, their parents, and their friends learn what SJC alumni do with this one-of-a-kind education.  Send them a link to this video library featuring various alumni and an impressive array of career outcomes. 
  • Become a Member of the Working Group. Reconnect with the college in a leadership role. Becoming a member of the Admissions working group, gives you an opportunity to be involved with recruitment efforts and agenda setting for future volunteer efforts.

The SJC Alumni Student Recruitment Handbook can be found here

For further information, please contact Natalie Blais (505-984-6180|



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