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Working Groups

Admissions Advisory Group
The Admissions Advisory Group organizes, educates, and mobilizes the many talents and resources of the Alumni Community to assist and enhance the promotional efforts of the college’s Admissions offices. There are volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups over a wide spectrum of commitment levels, from placing a poster in a public library to attending a college recruitment event. The group has a special interest in reaching out to alumni in secondary education, collecting short biographical sketches from alumni for promotional materials, and publicizing the Summer Academy.

Liaison: Sheila Virgil A88
Staff:  Natalie Blais SF94, Alumni Volunteer Programs Coordinator for the Admissions Office, 505-984-6180 or

Alumni Giving Council (AGC)
The Alumni Giving Council is a group of volunteers who cultivate a culture of philanthropy among alumni by encouraging financial support of the Fund for St. John's College. The Alumni Giving Council:

  • provides ideas, advice, and feedback to the college’s annual giving staff on new and continuing fund raising efforts
  • recruits new volunteers to participate in Alumni Giving Council programs
  • and makes direct solicitations for the Fund.

Liaisons: Claiborne Booker A84 and Merry Peckham SF07
Staff: Mark Piekarski, director of Annual Giving (505-984-6104 |

Alumni Leadership Forum (ALF) Working Group
The Alumni Forum Working Group plans and hosts the annual Alumni Forum, which is intended to:

  • Offer new and evolving opportunities for dedicated and energetic alumni volunteers to get involved and contribute to the health and growth of both the college and the alumni community.
  • Bring together college alumni, staff, and leadership for a weekend of collaboration.
  • Provide an occasion to recognize, reward, and thank alumni for the critical roles they play in the success and sustainability of the college. Provide a venue for alumni to cultivate the strong relationships that define our community.

Liaisons: Katarina Wang A88 and Heather Upshaw SF04
Staff: Phelosha Collaros (505-984-6109 |

Awards Committee
The Awards Committee identifies who among alumni should be given certain awards and honors bestowed by the association. In addition, the Awards Committee considers whether other awards or honors are appropriate to institute, and may recommend any such additional awards or honors to the board for its consideration. The Awards Committee also periodically checks that any awards given in the name of the association to students (such as athletic blazers or essay prizes) are meaningful and fairly balanced between the campuses.

Liaison: Adrian Trevisan A84
Staff: Phelosha Collaros (505-984-6109 |

Career Services Advisory Group
The Career Services Advisory Group works with the Career Services offices of the two campuses to identify, develop, and manage (if appropriate) programs intended to assist students and alumni in all aspects of the career and job search, from initial exploration through later career changes.

Liaison: Josephine Escalante A92
Staff: Jaime Dunn (410-626-2500 |

Chapter & Regional Events Working Group
The Constituency Working Group works to facilitate:

  • the flow of information between the Alumni Association Board and other alumni groups
  • and the sharing of ideas, best practices, and success stories within groups.

Currently the focus is on three types of alumni communities: chapters, class years (Class Chair Program) and affinity groups; if other channels form and are identified they will be included in the CWG's work.

Liaison: Mark Parenti AGI92
Staff: Maia Banks (410-295-5532 |

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee recommends to the board the nomination each year of alumni candidates for:

  • Members of the Board of Directors (At-Large Directors and officers of the association, i.e., president-elect, treasurer, secretary)
  • Alumni-elected members of the BVG
  • Honorary membership in the Alumni Association
  • Members of the Awards Committee

Liaison: Briana Saussy A04, EC05
Staff: Phelosha Collaros (505-984-6109 |

Student Engagement Working Group
The Student Cultivation Working Group works to (a) increase awareness of the Alumni Association and its activities among students (who will become alumni in the future) and (b) foster contacts between alumni and students for their mutual benefit.

Liaison: Sabina Sulat A88
Staff: Annapolis – Maia Banks A14 (410-295-5532 |
Santa Fe – Sophia Dillard A15 (505-984-6103 |

Strategic Communications Working Group
The Strategic Communications Working Group works to:

  • facilitate awareness within the Alumni Association Board of the interests and concerns of alumni at large so that it can respond to them promptly and appropriately
  • and increase awareness of the Alumni Association and its activities among the alumni at large in order to increase alumni participation. 

Liaison: Elisabeth Long A86 and Billy Trabaudo SF17
Staff: Greg Shook (410-972-4511 |

Homecoming (Ad Hoc)
Staff: Phelosha Collaros (505-984-6109 |

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