Frequently Asked Questions and Policy Updates

What safety protocols are in place for Covid-19 at the college for in-person seminars?

The college is following the State of New Mexico and City of Santa Fe mandates for safe operation due to the ongoing pandemic. Summer Classics is adhering to the college's plan that will guide phased in reopening and subsequent continued campus activities. The dashboard resource page is updated weekly and outlines the factors guiding each phase of reopening and operation. Color levels indicate when in-person seminars will be permitted on campus. 

While the dashboard is primarily addressing degree program students, these standards apply to non-degree seminars offered by the college. First priority for safe activities will be given to enrolled degree program students, particularly in the matrix color-phases when de-densification is a factor.

The program will only be in-person if infection rates are in safe zones as described on our dashboard. After that is in effect, participants will be asked to follow guidelines that are applicable to our campus population and campus policies. Those guidelines will be determined as July approaches and could include a range of common practices such as social distancing, tented outdoor activities, masks, vaccination or negative Covid-19 tests.  

Why are some in-person seminars already Sold Out?

In-person Seminars had carry-over (deferred) registrations from 2020, therefore some of them do not have capacity for new registrations. If you are interested in a seminar that is full, please sign up for the wait list. There is no fee and no obligation to join the wait list.

What if I am already on a wait list or would like to be added to a wait list for a currently sold out seminar?

If a seminar is listed as “sold out” on the online registration page, please register your interest using the wait list form online. Wait list requests from previous years do not roll over--you must make a request for 2021 seminars anew. 

If a spot in the desired seminar becomes available, those on the wait list will be offered the spot in the order that they joined the wait list.

If you are contacted and offered an open spot, you will be asked to respond in a specific number of days to claim the seat, and if you decline or we don’t hear from you in the allotted time, then the seat will be released either to the next person on the wait list or if the wait list is empty, the seminar will be open to new registrants online.

Occasionally, a large wait list will indicate a level of interest that warrants exploring the addition of a new seminar section, so we invite you to use the wait list so we can best serve you. 

Will housing be offered on campus?

On-campus housing will not be available this summer. Our website lists options for off-campus accommodations, and additional information will be added as reopening in Santa Fe progresses.  

Will group opera tickets be available?

Group Opera tickets are not available this year, except for the Friday, July 23 performance of Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro at 8:30 p.m. MT. Santa Fe Opera tickets are included in the price of the seminar on Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro as part of their class.

Policy Updates

Due to the pandemic, policy changes have been made to allow greater flexibility for you and our staff:

  • Texts: Acquiring text materials is now the participants' responsibility. Tutors will recommend editions and may still provide electronic handouts. We encourage you to visit the SJC Online Bookstore for friendly assistance in purchasing your text.
  • Pricing: 2021 seminar prices will remain at 2020 levels: $1300/$2000 in-person, and $900/$1500 online. 

Full payment is due at the time of reservation. A 75% partial refund is available for cancellations made before June 1, 2021.

  • Seminar Cancellation: If any seminar does not reach enrollment minimum or health safety measures demand we cancel in-person seminars, full refunds will be made to those registrants.
  • Discounts: Multiple seminar discounts are no longer available. However, all multiple-seminar registrants will have the option to continue to receive text materials by mail. Book distirbution for multi-seminar registrants begins in March 2021, and those who qualify will be contacted in advance. 

Teacher discounts are still available for K-12 licensed teachers.

  • Changes: No-fee seminar changes offer flexibility. If for any reason you need to switch your seminar, you can transfer your enrollment to any other seminar with an open space, at no extra cost.
  • Schedules: Please closely review the time and dates for each seminar. All seminar meetings are two hours in length. In-person seminars will all be listed in Mountain Time. Online Science Institute classes meet once per day for two hours, for two weeks. The in-person Science Institute offering will meet twice per day for two hours, for one week.